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Demo Video Contains a Portion of All Sounds You Get In the Pack
00:00 In Context Demo Track
01:36 Solo Sounds

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Synthwave Hits Soundbank (80 Presets)

The Synthwave Hits soundbank for Diva offers 80 of the highest quality, professionally crafted presets available on the market, meticulously designed for authentic professional Synthwave creation and composition.

Drawing inspiration from top Synthwave artists like TimeCop 1983, The Midnight, Miami Nights 1984, Com Truise, and Mega Drive, each preset is expertly modeled to capture the essence and exceptional quality of contemporary Synthwave hits.

The presets are specifically designed with composition in mind. This means the mod wheel, velocity settings, etc have in mind what are the "best variations, automations, and settings" for each sound in a composition context. The effects "finish" the sounds and make them instantly mix-ready, as when you hear the demo track in the demonstration video, zero external effects or automations are applied. Simply load and play. 

Covering a broad spectrum of sounds—from fat, rolling, and growling basses to soaring keys, pads, leads, and arpeggios—these 80 presets cater to every conceivable need in contemporary serious and professional Synthwave production. Each sound is uniquely designed to stand out, offering a rich variety of tones and distinctive characteristics for your musical projects.

Synthwave Hits Diva

00:00 In Context Demos
02:38 Individual Sounds Showcase

Video Contains a Portion of All the Sounds You Get In the Pack

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Elevate Your Productions withthe most authentic and high-quality Italo-Disco presets ever created for U-He Diva.

Each preset is meticulously crafted, inspired by iconic Italo-Disco hits of the 80s, with an unwavering commitment to true retro analog sound. These presets are designed for instant playability, seamlessly integrating into your mix with premium precision.

Perfectly suited for a range of retro styles, from Italo to SynthWave to SynthPop, this versatile soundbank offers a rich variety of sounds. With 80 meticulously fine-tuned presets, you'll find everything from lush pads and polyphonic keys to brass sections, soaring leads, and fat basses.

Each preset is individually perfected for instant usability and top-tier, hit-song quality, featuring unique and creative modulation settings.

Acquire these sounds today, load them up, and press record to instantly infuse your tracks with the genuine sound of 80s Italo-Disco hits.

Italo 84 Soundbank (80 Presets)


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Oxygen Soundbank

Video Contains a Portion of All the Sounds You Get in the Soundbank, Some verb/delay on in context intros, no External FX on  Individual sounds.

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Oxygen Soundbank (80 Presets)

Experience Authentic Vintage Sound with this exquisitely crafted collection of 80 presets, meticulously designed to capture the essence of Jean-Michel Jarre's iconic Oxygene series, from the groundbreaking 1976 originals [1-6] to the more contemporary 1997 releases [7-13]. This soundbank offers a perfect blend of a very vintage sound flavor, with a more modern and lighter touch, ideal for creating your own unique and varied soundscapes.


One thing you will feel immediately with this preset pack as soon as you play the first notes is a true sense of authenticity to the actual original hardware and vintage sounds. These sounds have a feel that really expands beyond the sound of just software emulation. This was carefully accomplished by custom modification of all the DIVA under the hood tweaks, and other options, as well as the bank coming with two entirely custom made microtuning files to get that old hardware synthesizer sound. 

The soundbank features 80 expertly categorized presets, including Basses, Leads, Pads, Strings, Brass, Keys, and FX, each clearly labeled for easy navigation. Each preset incorporates unique and creative modulation and velocity settings, ensuring maximum expressiveness and playability.

The sound flavor leans significantly to a more cinematic, ambient, gentle and atmospheric flavor of synthesizer sounds,. You will find that the sounds also evoke the works of other legendary musicians such as Vangelis and John Carpenter. Etc...

Werkstation Kraftwerk

Demonstration Video Contains a portion of the  Sounds in the Bank. No External FX or Mixing on Synths, basic Master for Balance only.

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preset list 2.jpg


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Werk-Station Soundbank (80 Presets)

The Werk-Station Soundbank is a highly authentic curated collection of premium sounds inspired by the iconic, vintage essence of Kraftwerk's pioneering records.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and authenticity, this soundbank captures the authentic vibe, atmosphere, and feeling of the real classic hardware of vintage Kraftwerk sounds. Each preset exudes a cold, space-like, synthetic, and otherworldly quality, offering a distinctive flavor that immediately sets it apart from all other Diva soundbanks on the market. Every Diva voice setting and tweak has been uniquely calibrated to create a highly distinctive sound quality.

The presets range from nearly identical recreations sounds from specific Kraftwerk tracks to sounds inspired by the broader spectrum of Kraftwerk’s style and influence. This versatility makes the soundbank an ideal fit for genres ranging from Synthwave and Techno to Electronica, Experimental, and Ambient works.

The soundbank includes all the synthesizer sounds in the demonstration video, the drums samples are included as a bonus.

Juno Factory Soundbank

This demo represents a portion of all the sounds you get in the pack.
basic Verb and delay only on musical portions, No external FX on individual sounds


With Each Purchase You Receive:

  • All 80 presets with individual dialed pitch and mod wheel settings.

  • Juno hardware calibrated templates for the 106 and 60 with all available chorus settings. 

  • A PDF handbook to the templates and tips and guide for using the templates to turn your Diva into the most hardware-accurate sounding Juno emulation on the market. 

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PRESET LIST nu jpg.jpg

The Juno Factory Soundbank (80 Presets)

The Juno 60 and Juno 106 were a favorite among many bands and artists and continues to be to this day. When Roland was rolling the synths out for sale in the 80s they knew they were targeting immediate mass appeal for popular and hot sounds of the time. Thus the original factory patches were a large selling point of the synths, with many really being stand-out out and excellent and finding their way on many prominent recordings of the era and up to today. 

Experience the original iconic hardware sounds of the Juno 106 and Juno 60 with this extremely authentic and meticulously crafted preset pack, featuring 80 of the best factory patches from these legendary synthesizers. 55 presets were specifically handpicked from the Juno 106 and 25 from the Juno 60, representing the most polished, widely heard, and useful sounds of the original hardware. Each sound was recreated with precision matching and fine tuning directly by ear to the actual original hardware units, 


The calibration of all the tweaks and settings of the DIVA synth was very meticulously set up for these sounds in order to most accurately match the actual hardware, so as a result the "overall sound quality" of these presets easily exceeds similar sounds which come with other top dollar and modern Juno emulation plugins, guaranteed.

The chorus settings have been so carefully dialed in that they are more accurate and genuine to the real hardware than other hardware/software emulations on the market which cost high dollars just for the chorus settings alone. To get the most accurate to hardware chorus settings, both effect units in the Diva were utilized, so the sounds come dry, and have no built in delays or reverbs, and sound just as the original hardware units. You are free to add your own spacial effects to the taste of your song or mix. ​​


Instant Download

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