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Demo Video Contains about Half of All Sounds You Get In the Pack

00:00 In Context Demo Track
02:04 Solo Sounds


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Synthwave Hits soundbank for Diva is a set of 80 of the absolute highest quality most professional presets available for Diva on the market specifically designed for professional quality Synthwave creation and composition.

Each sound is inspired directly by, and meticulously modelled in the mold and absolute quality of the greatest current Synthwave hit records; Artists such as TimeCop 1983, The Midnight, Miami Nights 1984, Com Truise, Mega Drive and others. 

The presets are specifically designed with composition in mind. This means the mod wheel, velocity settings, etc have in mind what are the "best variations, automations, and settings" for each sound in a composition context. The effects "finish" the sounds and make them instantly mix-ready, as when you hear the demo track in the demonstration video, zero external effects or automations are applied. Just load and play.

80 Presets cover a broad range of sounds, fat rolling and growling basses, soaring keys and pads and leads, arpeggios, etc.. To cover nearly every imaginable sound you would desire for Synthwave productions. The sounds are all specifically designed to stand apart with unique traits and have a large degree of variation and individual flavors. 

Synthwave Hits Soundbank (80 Presets)

Oxygen Soundbank


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Oxygen Soundbank (80 Presets)

This soundbank is an extremely finely tuned, carefully crafted, polished, flavorful, and highly "authentic feeling" set of 80 preset sounds for U-He DIVA. They are heavily and directly inspired by the sounds of the Oxygene works of Jean-Michel Jarre, including the original 1976 [1-6] and more recent 1997 [7-13]. This gives the perfect spectrum of a very vintage sound flavor, with a more modern and lighter touch, perfect to blend for your own unique blends and creations. 


One thing you will feel immediately with this preset pack as soon as you play the first notes is a true sense of authenticity to the actual original hardware and vintage sounds. Everything is meticulously fine tuned to deliver that "wow this sounds like an expensive vintage hardware unit" feel that really expands beyond the sound of just software emulation. I was able to accomplish this with some very intentional techniques and tricks. For example, each sound uses hand-crafted microtuning files which come included with the pack, intended to emulate the slight detuning features key - for key- of various vintage analog hardware units I have personally used.

The pack includes 80 presets of Basses, Leads, Pads, Strings, Brass, Keys, Fx Etc.. All individually categorized and clearly labeled. Featuring totally individual and creative modulation and velocity settings for each sound for maximum expressiveness.

The sound flavor leans much more to a more cinematic, ambient, gentle and atmospheric flavor of synthesizer sounds, and not as much to the typical "pop synthwave sounds" of aggressive basslines or leads. You will find many of the sounds are also very reminiscent of other works by musicians such as Vangelis, John Carpenter, Etc...

Demo Video Contains about Half of All Sounds You Get In the Pack


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The most authentic and high quality Italo-Disco presets you will ever hear for the U-He Diva. These presets are directly inspired by many famous Italo-Disco hits of the 80s, with special attention paid to the true retro analog sound, authenticity, and being instantly playable and fitting perfectly into your song or mix.

These presets are also perfect for any other retro style or sound palette, from SynthWave to SynthPop.

The soundbank contains 80 presets total with a wide variety of unique and varied sounds from pads to polyphonic keys, brasses, leads, fat basses etc...

Each sound is individually and meticulously fine tuned for instant playability and premium hit-song quality, and features individual and creative modulation settings. 

Pick these sounds up now, load up and press record and have an immediately complete and authentic retro Italo-Disco 80s hit songs sound at your fingertips.

Synthwave Hits Diva

Demonstration Video Contains a portion of the 80 Sounds in the bank.

preset list 2.jpg


Instant Download

Werk-Station Soundbank

(80 Presets)

The Werk-Station Soundbank is an ultra premium quality soundbank for U-He Diva which draws its primary inspiration from the classic, vintage sounds of the original Kraftwerk records. 

A huge focus of this soundbank when crafting it was to really capture the most "authentic vibe, atmosphere, and feeling" of those retro Kraftwerk sounds and songs. The entire preset bank gives off a cold, space-like, synthetic, and other-worldly feel. This in no way sounds or feels like a typical Synthwave Diva preset pack. To ensure true analog authenticity every trimmer and panel setting has been carefully fine tuned, and also special hand made vintage analog emulation microtuning files are included with the pack.

The sound spectrum ranges from sounds near identical to a certain Kraftwerk record, to sounds heavily inspired by various songs, to some all new and original sounds inspired by other Kraftwerk-adjacent artists of the era, such as in the electro-breakdancing music of the early 80s such as Afrika Bambaataa, Newcleus, etc..

You will find that the sounds are a perfect fit for nearly any genre from Synthwave, to Techno - Electronica, to Experimental or Ambient Works.

Werkstation Kraftwerk
PRESET LIST nu jpg.jpg

With Each Purchase You Receive:

  • All 80 presets with individual dialed pitch and mod wheel settings.

  • Juno hardware calibrated templates for the 106 and 60 with all available chorus settings. 

  • A PDF handbook to the templates and tips and guide for using the templates to turn your Diva into the most hardware-accurate sounding Juno emulation on the market. 


Instant Download

The Juno Factory Soundbank (80 Presets)

The Juno 60 and Juno 106 were a favorite among many bands and artists who wanted an immediately hot, shiny, analog and accessible sound for their music. As a result, it ended up on countless hit records worldwide. When Roland was rolling the synths out for sale in the 80s they knew they were targeting immediate mass appeal for popular and hot sounds of the time. Thus the original factory patches were a large selling point of the synths, with many really being stand-out out and excellent and finding their way on many prominent recordings of the era and up to today. 

This preset pack is 80 of the best and most famous individually selected premium factory patches from the classic Juno 106 and Juno 60 vintage hardware synthesizers. 55 from the Juno 106 and 25 from the Juno 60. Only the best sounding and most record ready presets from each unit were taken and accurately re-created in meticulous detail by ear.


The calibration of the DIVA synth was very meticulously set up for these presets in order to most accurately match the actual hardware, so as a result the "sound quality" of these presets easily exceeds similar sounds which come with other top dollar and modern Juno emulation plugins, guaranteed. The chorus settings have been so carefully dialed in that they are more accurate and genuine to the real hardware than other hardware/software emulations on the market which cost high dollars just for the chorus settings alone. To get the most accurate to hardware chorus settings, both FX units in the Diva had to be utilized, so the sounds come dry, and have no built in delays or reverbs, and sound as the original hardware units, so you are free to add your own spacial effects to the taste of your song or mix. ​​

Juno Factory Soundbank
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