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All international PAYMENTs accepted via STRIPE & paypal

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Demo Video Contains a Portion of All Sounds You Get In the Pack. No external Fx on synths. Basic master limiter only on in context demo.
00:00 In Context Demo Track
01:36 Solo Sounds

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Synthwave Hits Soundbank (80 Presets)

The highest quality Synthwave presets on the market. Specially designed for fully authentic and professional Synthwave creation.

This soundbank draws direct inspiration from the top hit tracks of contemporary synthwave, inspired directly by artists such as Timecop1983, The Midnight, Kavinsky, and more, and feature a highly polished yet authentic retro and analog vintage feel. 


Each preset is specially designed to be instantly composition and mix ready, with no further need for external FX, and features uniquely designed expression and modulation settings for each sound. 

This patchbank covers every category of preset from fat rolling analog basslines to soaring pads and cutting leads. All presets are neatly organized and labeled by type for ease of use. These sounds fill every possible need in fully professional and authentic Synthwave hit quality production, as well as any other style inspired by or incorporating synthwave sounds and vibes.


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Synthwave Hits Diva

Video Contains a Portion of All the Sounds You Get In the Pack. No external Fx on synths. Only basic master limiter on in context demos.
00:00 Demo Tracks In Context                   
02:37 Individual Sounds Showcase

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The definitive, highly authentic, polished, and unique set of Italo-Disco presets for U-He Diva. 


Inspired directly by signature sounds from a wide range of iconic Italo-Disco hit songs and top artists such as Fancy, Trans-X, Ken Laszlo and others. Each sound has been fine tuned to instantly deliver professional, record-ready quality and results. Featuring carefully dialed settings, effects, and unique modulation options for every sound.

You'll find everything from the famous powerful Italo Disco rolling basslines, to classic synth brass tones, vintage keys, cutting leads, Italo pads, and all other varieties of signature Italo Disco sounds, all neatly categorized and labeled in this highly polished and expansive soundbank.


These sounds work fantastically for producing complete Italo Disco records, or for any other creative project inspired by or incorporating vintage authentic Italo analog sounds.

Italo 84 Soundbank (80 Presets)


Instant Download

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Oxygen Soundbank

Video Contains a Portion of All the Sounds You Get in the Soundbank, Light Verb/Delay and basic master limiter only on in context intro track only for basic mix. No external FX on individual sounds.

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Oxygen Soundbank (80 Presets)

Oxygen soundbank delivers some truly retro and unique analog synth tones. These sounds are ideal for any style or project, and bring in a very flavorful and character filled cinematic, subdued, ambient or experimental set of sounds with a highly distinctive vibe.


The unique inspiration for these presets was in carefully capturing the genuine sound and tones of the vintage synthesizer mega-classics of Jean-Michel Jarre's iconic Oxygene series, drawing inspiration from both the ultra vintage [1- 6] 1976 release, and the more contemporary yet still retro 1997 [7-13] recordings. This gives the soundbank a highly unique and interesting blend of very early-synth sound and a lighter more contemporary touch.


To create this soundbank, all the possible under the hood tweaks of Diva were very carefully and uniquely fine tuned, including two entirely custom made microtuning files, to emulate to an uncanny degree the true early-synth and hardware vibes of the legendary Oxygene analog synthesizers.


The sounds feature every variety of sound, from a large selection of pads and atmospheric influenced sounds, to thick analog basslines and experimental sounds, all neatly labeled and categorized for ease of use. Every preset featuring individual and carefully tuned modulation settings for maximum expression and variety.

These sounds will bring an extraordinarily unique vibe to records of any style or inspiration.

Werkstation Kraftwerk

Demonstration Video Contains a portion of the Sounds in the Bank. No External FX on Synths, basic master limiter. only. All synthesizer sounds are Diva, drums included as bonus samples.

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Werk-Station Soundbank (80 Presets)

The Werk-Station Soundbank is a sonically distinctive and highly authentic and collection of sounds for U-He Diva, inspired directly by the iconic classic analog synthesizers of Kraftwerk's pioneering records.

These presets have been crafted with a precise and intense focus on using every Diva trick and tweak to emulate the distinct analog tone and sound signature of the original vintage Kraftwerk  records in a strikingly realistic way which immediately sets them apart from all other synthesizer sounds. 

The sounds range from a majority of nearly identical recreations of sounds from specific Kraftwerk tracks to some sounds inspired by the broader spectrum of Kraftwerk’s style and influence.


Included is a full spectrum of sounds, neatly organized, from raw analog basslines to synthetic leads and pads, with each sound featuring unique and carefully dialed modulation and expression settings.


This sound collection is an ideal fit for any genre or style to instantly bring a highly exceptional, different, and stand-out flavor to any artistic production.


Instant Download

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Juno Factory Soundbank

This demo represents a portion of all the sounds you get in the pack.
Basic Verb and delay and master limiter only on musical portions. No external FX on individual sounds.


Instant Download

With Each Purchase You Receive:

  • All 80 presets with individual dialed pitch and mod wheel settings.

  • Juno hardware calibrated templates for the 106 and 60 with all available chorus settings. 

  • A PDF handbook to the templates and tips and guide for using the templates to turn your Diva into the most hardware-accurate sounding Juno emulation on the market. 

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PRESET LIST nu jpg.jpg

The Juno Factory Soundbank (80 Presets)

The ultra-classic Juno 60 and Juno 106 hardware synthesizers have for decades been a favorite among the worlds top artists and continue to be to this day. The synthesizers were marketed for their immediate use and hit-record quality, so many of the factory sounds are of fantastic quality and were a major selling point for these units when they released.

The Juno Factory Soundbank for Diva delivers the original iconic hardware sounds from both of these synthesizers, taking full advantage of the world class analog emulation of the Diva. The actual circuitry and features of Juno hardware and the legendary chorus units was thoroughly researched with high technical detail, and a using a careful and unique setting up of all its under the hood tweaks and features, and carefully dual-stacking the chorus units with highly exact settings to match the exact phasing width and modulation of the hardware settings, this soundbank has been able to go above and beyond just "the Juno parts" or standard chorus settings of the Diva. The authenticity of these sounds exceeds the other top Juno synths or even standalone Juno Chorus emulations on the market.. guaranteed. The chorus settings are also provided in the accompanying handbook, and you can use them yourself on any of your other Diva patches as you wish.

Both of the Fx slots are used in a dual-stack manner to emulate the exact sound of the legendary chorus units, so the sounds come dry, as in the hardware, and you can add and adjust your own external reverb and delay Fx to taste for your tracks.


This preset pack, features 80 of the best and most useful hardware factory sounds, hand picked, from analog basslines to thick classic brass, rich strings, poly keys and others recreated a stunningly accurate degree, giving you the highest quality authentic Juno sounds at your fingertips straight from the Diva synthesizer.

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