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280 Presets Obsession

280 Preset Bundle -

Analog Dreams + OB Classic

Scroll Down Below for Full Descriptions and Demonstrations of Each Individual Soundbank 

  1. ANALOG DREAMS: The most premium, polished soundbank available for the Obsession. Ideal for Synthwave, Cinematic, Progressive Rock, or any other genres. These are some of the highest quality presets you will ever hear for any synthesizer.  These are a highly polished, cinematic and "sparking" "huge" "wow factor" set of sounds.

  2. OB CLASSIC DANCE AND POP [Remastered]: The original 200 presets soundbank for the Obsession, inspired by the analog synth sounds and various Oberheim synths used in classic dance and pop records of the 80s and early 90s. To commemorate the release of Analog Dreams, every one of these sounds has been individually fully remastered with significant improvements to meet a very high quality standard, and to partner perfectly with Analog Dreams. This is a highly useful soundpack that represents a massive overall improvement in quality and variety over the original factory soundbank.

    With these two soundbanks you have all you will ever need for the Obsession synthesizer, with nearly enough presets to match the original factory soundbanks, but with an offering of much more polished, record-ready sounds and variety.



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This demo represents a  portion of all 
the sounds you receive in the soundbank. Basic Eq only on musical demo, No external fx on individual sounds
00:00 In Context Song Demo
01:52 Individual Raw Obsession Presets

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3. Preset List.png

Analog Dreams Soundbank

(80 Premium Presets)

The cream of the crop, hit record and big budget soundtrack quality presets. The most finely polished, carefully tuned, pristine sounding presets currently available on the market for the Obsession Synthesizer.

Perfect for crystal clear, fat, and epic sounds for Synthwave, Cinematic, Progressive Rock, or any other music genre of your passion. 

Inspired by the top sounds of hit records and film soundtracks from the golden years of polyphonic analog synthesizers such as Oberheim OB series, Yamaha CS-80, Jupiters, etc...

Each sound is finely tuned, individually play tested to fit immediately into any complete track with no further edits needed. Instant finished premium sound. Each sound is complete with individual and finely tuned velocity and modulation settings for peak creative performance.


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Analog Dreams
OB Classic Dance and Pop

This demo represents a  portion of all 
the sounds you receive in the soundbank, only very basic mix applied to demo song for cohesion. No preset altering effects.

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OB Classic Dance and Pop Remastered (200 Presets)

This is the all newly completely remastered upgrade of the original and popular OB Classic Dance and Pop, originally released around the launch of Obsession by Synapse. The sounds were remastered to go along with the timing of the release of the Analog Dreams soundbank for Obsession, in order to really sit beside it, and complement it, with the high and polished standards of quality.

This preset bank features a collection of 200 presets influenced by Oberheim synths and sounds from the 80s and classic Synthwave, cinematic and Synthpop, up to the 90s, trance music, and sounds by modules such as the Xpander.

All of these sounds easily rival the built in soundbank of Obsession and create a perfect replacement or companion to it. Filled with hundreds of finely crafted, fully categorized preset sounds, each with individual modulation options. They are very polished, high quality, and immediately useable sounds for a wide variety of music genres featuring the 80s - early 90s  classic Oberheim sounds.


Instant Download

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