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Video presents a portion of all the sounds you get in the track, basic mix for musical portion, and no external FX for individual sounds. 

Quality Comparison with Some of the Built in Presets Which Have Been Re Done

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The Juno Factory Soundbank [Premium]

The Juno 60 and Juno 106 were a favorite among many bands and artists who wanted an immediately hot, shiny, analog and accessible sound for their music. As a result, it ended up on countless hit records worldwide. When Roland was rolling the synths out for sale in the 80s they knew they were targeting immediate mass appeal for popular and hot sounds of the time. Thus the original factory patches were a large selling point of the synths, with many really being stand-out out and excellent and finding their way on many prominent recordings of the era and up to today. 

This preset pack for the TAL-U-No-LX is a highly polished and highly accurate-to-hardware collection of the best and most stand-out presets of both synthesizers in one pack, plus a collection of all original bonus sounds; featuring an extra 14 basses and 10 leads/keys inspired by the same sound palette and intended to provide a full and rounded out sound selection for instant complete song production. The classic collection features 12 Juno 60 sounds (drastic and accurate-to-hardware improvements over the Tal factory sounds) and 54 Juno 106 sounds all recreated with the highest quality and accuracy, far exceeding those above even expensive top Juno emulation plugins on the market. 

The sounds come with 90 fully produced “wet” sounds with individual velocity and verb/delay fx and all 90 separately in dry “classic” form as in the original Juno hardware. Each sound has been individually play-tested, fine tuned, and comes record-ready for you to instantly turn on and record into your own tracks.


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