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U-He DIVA - ITALO 84 - Italio Disco Soundbank

The most authentic and high quality Italo-Disco presets you will ever hear for the U-He Diva. These presets are directly inspired by many famous Italo-Disco hits of the 80s, with special attention paid to the true retro analog sound, authenticity, and being instantly playable and fitting perfectly into your song or mix.

These presets are also perfect for any other retro style or sound palette, from SynthWave to SynthPop.

The soundbank contains 80 presets total with a wide variety of unique and varied sounds from pads to polyphonic keys, brasses, leads, fat basses etc...

Each sound is individually and meticulously fine tuned for instant playability and premium hit-song quality, and features individual and creative modulation settings. 

Pick these sounds up now, load up and press record and have an immediately complete and authentic retro Italo-Disco 80s hit songs sound at your fingertips.


U-He DIVA - ITALO 84 - Italio Disco Soundbank


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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