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U-He DIVA - Werk-Station - Kraftwerk Inspired

The Werk-Station Soundbank is a selection of premium quality sounds which draw their primary inspiration from the classic, vintage sounds of the original Kraftwerk records. 

A huge focus of this soundbank when crafting it was to really capture the most "authentic vibe, atmosphere, and feeling" of those retro Kraftwerk sounds and songs. The entire preset bank gives off a cold, space-like, synthetic, and other-worldly feel. It immediately stands out and gives a unique flavor next to any other Diva soundbank. To ensure true analog authenticity every Diva voice setting has been uniquely calibrated to emulate the sound of the Kraftwerk hardware as closely as possible.

The sound of the presets ranges from sounds near identical to a certain Kraftwerk record, to sounds heavily inspired by a spectrum of various tracks and the Kraftwerk flavor and style.

You will find that the sounds are a perfect fit for nearly any genre from Synthwave, to Techno - Electronica, to Experimental or Ambient Works. The soundbank also comes as a bonus with all the lofi retro drum machine processed drum samples used in the demo video, cymbals kick and snares, useful for making Kraftwerk-Like tracks. 

U-He DIVA - Werk-Station - Kraftwerk Inspired


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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