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U-He DIVA Synthwave Hits [80 Presets]

Synthwave Hits soundbank for Diva is a set of 80 of the absolute highest quality most professional presets available for Diva on the market specifically designed for professional quality Synthwave creation and composition.

Each sound is inspired directly by, and meticulously modelled in the mold and absolute quality of the greatest current Synthwave hit records; Artists such as TimeCop 1983, The Midnight, Miami Nights 1984, Com Truise, Mega Drive and others. 

The presets are specifically designed with composition in mind. This means the mod wheel, velocity settings, etc have in mind what are the "best variations, automations, and settings" for each sound in a composition context. The effects "finish" the sounds and make them instantly mix-ready, as when you hear the demo track in the demonstration video, zero external effects or automations are applied. Just load and play.

80 Presets cover a broad range of sounds, fat rolling and growling basses, soaring keys and pads and leads, arpeggios, etc.. To cover nearly every imaginable sound you would desire for Synthwave productions. The sounds are all specifically designed to stand apart with unique traits and have a large degree of variation and individual flavors. 

U-He DIVA Synthwave Hits [80 Presets]


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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