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U-He DIVA - Oxygen Soundbank

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Oxygen Soundbank (80 Presets)


This soundbank is an extremely polished, flavorful, and highly authentic set of 80 presets directly inspired by the sounds of the Oxygene works of Jean-Michel Jarre, including the original 1976 [1-6] and more recent 1997 [7-13]. This gives the perfect spectrum of a very vintage sound flavor, with a more modern and lighter touch, perfect to blend for your own unique blends and creations. 


One thing you will feel immediately with this preset pack as soon as you play the first notes is a true sense of authenticity to the actual original hardware and vintage sounds. These sounds have a feel that really expands beyond the sound of just software emulation. This was carefully accomplished by custom modification of all the DIVA under the hood tweaks, and other options, as well as the bank coming with two entirely custom made microtuning files to get that old hardware synthesizer sound. 

The pack includes 80 presets of Basses, Leads, Pads, Strings, Brass, Keys, Fx Etc.. All individually categorized and clearly labeled. Featuring totally individual and creative modulation and velocity settings for each sound for maximum expressiveness.

The sound flavor leans much more to a more cinematic, ambient, gentle and atmospheric flavor of synthesizer sounds, and not as much to the harder "pop or synthwave sounds". You will find many of the sounds are also very reminiscent of other works by musicians such as Vangelis, John Carpenter, Etc...

U-He DIVA - Oxygen Soundbank


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