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The video showcases a portion of all the sounds you get in the pack. Basic mixing (Reverb, Delay, EQ only) for musical portion, Reverb and Delay only for individual sounds.
00:00 - In Context Demo

01:11 - Individual Sounds

What you get in each patch:

  • Patch Diagram

  • Dry Audio File

  • Wet Audio File

  • Midi of Pattern

Hear Some of the Sound Samples You Get 100% Dry No FX:

Patches List: (click to zoom)


New Wave 88 - 68 Patches for Behringer Pro~1

New Wave '88 is a collection of 68 unique premium patches for the Behringer Pro -1, inspired directly by the classic New Wave, Dark Wave, and Synth Pop genres and artists such as Duran Duran, Yazoo, Erasure, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and others.

Each patch features a distinctive sound quality that stands out in any record and captures the one of a kind classic sound of New Wave. Perfect for productions in any genre where you would like to incorporate the influence and soundscape of this unique and legendary style.

This patch collection includes a wide array of fat retro analog basses, edgy leads, classic pads, backing synths, FX and textures. Many patches are equipped with mod wheel modulation settings for enhanced performance options whenever those parameters are free and available on the synthesizer.

Every patch is accompanied by a clear digital patch sheet, dry and wet audio examples, and a corresponding MIDI file to accurately dial and match the sound. The patches are all neatly categorized for immediate ease of use. Additionally, even an instructional video is included to demonstrate how to use the patch folder as a fast patch browser, enabling you to find and create any sound within one minute, you will find this highly useful and a novel approach to hardware synth patch management and creation.

Use these patches to incorporate the unique and distinctive New Wave analog classic synth flavor into any of your original artistic productions.


Instant Download

Pro-1 New Wave 88
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