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The video for the patches showcases only a portion of all 75 sounds you receive. All dry sound examples with the patch diagrams are the identical patches you are hearing minus any delay fx.

What you get in each patch:

  • Patch Diagram

  • Dry Audio File of Sample in Video Demo

75 Patches for Behringer K2/ Korg MS-20/Mini for Techno, House, and Electronica

These are a premium crafted selection of 75 highly polished, fine tuned, fresh, flavorful, stylish, unique, and "hot" sounding patches centered around the styles of Techno, House, Rave, Electronica etc..  for the Behringer K2 synthesizer, also being compatible with all MS-20 models.


The patch set comes with a complete patchbook of 75 easy to read patch images, and corresponding dry sound samples (the exact sample recordings you are hearing in the demo video). The sound selection features soaring leads fat and grimy analog basses, effects, atmospheres, pads, and other edgy and fresh synth sounds, all fine tuned to sound amazing even before any added effects, and play-tested to fit immediately with the beat into your track. 

Many patches also have notations for variations, tips for changing up the sound, as well as other suggestions to really expand the palette and add more options even beyond the numerical 75 value.

Hear Some of the Sound Samples You Get 100% Dry No FX:

The total sound collection is as follows:



Instant Download

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