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  • ANALOG DREAMS: Full 80 presets of the full upgraded Analog Dreams soundbank  -  The most premium, polished soundbank available for the Obsession. Ideal for Synthwave, Cinematic, Rock, or any other genres. These are some of the highest quality presets you will ever hear for any synthesizer.  These are a highly polished, cinematic and "sparking" "huge" "wow factor" set of sounds.

  • OB CLASSIC DANCE AND POP [Remastered]: The original 200 presets soundbank for the Obsession, inspired by the analog synth sounds and various Oberheim synths used in classic dance and pop records of the 80s and early 90s. To commemorate the release of Analog Dreams, every one of these sounds has been individually fully remastered with significant improvements to meet a very high quality standard, and to partner perfectly with Analog Dreams. This is a highly useful soundpack that represents a massive overall improvement in quality and variety over the original factory soundbank.


Obsession: 280 Presets Bundle - Analog Dreams + OB Classics


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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