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Obsession: OB - Classic Dance and Pop 200 Presets [Remastered]

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OB Classic Dance and Pop (200 Presets)


This is the all newly completely remastered upgrade of the original and popular OB Classic Dance and Pop, originally released around the launch of Obsession by Synapse. 

This preset bank features a collection of 200 presets influenced by Oberheim synths and sounds from the 80s and classic Synthwave, cinematic and Synthpop, up to the 90s, trance music, and sounds by modules such as the Xpander.

All of these sounds easily rival the built in soundbank of Obsession and create a perfect replacement or companion to it. Filled with hundreds of finely cracted, fully categorized preset sounds, each with individual modulation options.


(NOTE: If you want even more sounds you can pick up for $30 a bundle of this preset pack plus the all new premium soundbank Analog Dreams for a total of 280 presets Here:

Obsession: OB - Classic Dance and Pop 200 Presets [Remastered]


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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