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Softube Model 82: VOLTAGE V2 - Modern Analog - 100 Sounds Set

VOLTAGE V2 - Modern Analog Soundbank - 100 Premium Quality Presets


VOLTAGE V2  - Modern Analog Soundbank, gives you the modern, yet analog synthesizer based sound of dance music, centered around the Techno/ Rave / Electronica genres for the Softube Model 82, SH101 emulation synthesizer! The main inspiration behind these sounds was to create a sound which was reflecting "modern dance records made with real analog synthesizers". The patches sound fresh and modern while maintaining a true analog classic feel and not straying into over-hyped digital synth sounds of overly mainstream pop dance records.


They can fit perfectly into any variety of music which uses similar tones, including Techno, EDM, Trance, House, Tech-House, or even Synthwave, or whatever you wish to play!Every sound is individually and neatly labeled, categorized, tagged, as well as individually play -tested and fine tuned with individualized modulation options and every detail carefully crafted per each sound.1


5 Acid, 20 Bass, 18 Lead, 15 Pluck, 10 Pad, 15 General Synth, 7 Fx for a total of 100 sounds.


Softube Model 82: VOLTAGE V2 - Modern Analog - 100 Sounds Set


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