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U-He Repro 1/5 - New Wave + Synth Pop '89 [80 Presets]

The New Wave and Synth Pop sound bank for the Repro 5 and Repro 1 synthesizers represents the highest quality sounds available anywhere for this synthesizer package for the classic 80s synth pop and new wave style soundscape.


These are 80 sounds specially crafted and designed specifically to fit into, or give any track a new wave and synth pop type of feel and flavor. The sounds fit particularly and perfectly for those genres. As well they can be used for synthwave or any other retro or 80s synth influenced tracks to bring that flavor and vibe to those tracks as well.


The inspiration for the soundbank has come from artists ranging from Duran Duran, A-Ha, Yazoo and so forth, ranging all the way to some darker and more industrial sounds of acts like Depeche Mode, The Cure, etc..


The soundbank features 80 sounds total, featuring presets for both Repro 5 and Repro 1 synthesizers, highlighting their particular strengths and flavors; with 42 sounds for Repro 5 - leaning towards the polyphonic soundscape, and 38 sounds for Repro 1 featuring basslines, cutting monophonic leads, and more experimental sounds.


All sounds have velocity settings carefully dialed in to match the ideal sound type and most have individually crafted and unique Modulation wheel expression parameters to further modify the sound while playing.

U-He Repro 1/5 - New Wave + Synth Pop '89 [80 Presets]


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