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U-He Diva - Techno - Detroit Elements

The hottest techno sounds with a blend of modern and oldschool flavor. The style and inspiration for these sounds is a modern techno sound blended with and inspired by the classic Detroit Techno flavor and soundscape.

These patches are can be used to create modern techno records with retro Detroit flavor and elements, or can be used to create directly vintage Detroit techno styles. The patches are specifically designed to elicit the more mechanical, spaced out, and unique sounds of the classic Detroit sound, with a modernized take and sound palette. 


There are 80 patches total ranging from fat basslines, trippy leads, special techno flavor FM and chordal synth sounds with unique modulations and intervals, pads, and sound FX. Each sound has unique and carefully curated record-ready modulation options to transform and automate the sound, as well as individual levels of velocity sensitivity, note panning, pitch bend, etc...

The demo video shows in context tracks with very basic mixing applied only, (a bit of verb/eq -for mix, no sound altering effects) and solo raw patches individually - Diva only with no outside FX, directly as you get them


Get these patches today and instantly infuse your productions instantly with the unique and original sound of Detroit Techno.

U-He Diva - Techno - Detroit Elements


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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