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Repro-5 PROPHECY Soundbank [90 Presets]

The Prophecy Soundbank is the highest quality polished, most flavorful, diverse, and immediately accessible and useful soundbank for the U-He Repro 5, the most notable Prophet 5 emulation on the market.

Every single preset has finely polished, pristine, and finished feel that will impress you and inspire you immediately. Every sound was completely polished and finished without any of the effects First - each with individual mod wheel/velocity/ pitch wheel settings - so even the dry sounds are totally impressive and "complete". Then the Repro 5 FX section was added finely tuned to make each sound "finished". instantly load and play directly in your track with no further tweaks needed, reverb, delay, and all else exactly pre set for instant production.

The soundbank features a broad spectrum of sounds, with a focus on a blend between Synthwave, Cinematic/Scoring, and Classic Retro Synth sounds. The sounds are sure to fit perfectly and easily and bring pristine quality and flavor to any track you are feeling inspired to create. 

The sounds include thick basslines, soaring and cinematic pads, atmospheric soundscapes, effects, polyphonic centered key sounds and monophonic centered leads, and a variety of other epic synth sounds which make an immediate statement of finely polished quality and instant classic that will have people asking how you got those sounds they hear in your productions. 

Repro-5 PROPHECY Soundbank [90 Presets]


    Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download

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