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Repro Prophecy

Video Contains a Portion of All the Sounds You Get In the Bank, No External FX on Synths - Basic mastering limiter on song portion only.
00:00 In Context Track
01:48 Individual Sounds

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Prophecy Soundbank for U-He Repro-5  [90 Presets]

The Prophecy Soundbank is the standard of quality, character, variety, and polished sound for musical composition for the Repro 5, legendary DSI Prophet 5 emulation synthesizer. This selection of sounds offers a highly flavorful, distinctive, classic, and useful selection of tones.

Each preset in this soundbank embodies the instantly recognizable quality of the most iconic Prophet 5 hardware sounds in history which will inspire you immediately and fit into your tracks and mixes instantly with ease. 

Each sound was created with the raw original Prophet synth parameters first and foremost, ensuring the sounds are fantastic with the Repro 5 effects section enabled or disabled, giving the sound bank a strong aspect of versatility. Each preset also features individual and unique modulation settings for maximum expression and variety.

The soundbank encompasses a broad spectrum of sounds, blending Synthwave, Cinematic/Scoring, and Classic Retro DSI Prophet Synth tones. It features thick basslines, cinematic pads, atmospheric soundscapes, unique effects, lush poly key sounds, cutting leads, and a variety of other legendary characteristic Prophet synth sounds as a complete classic synthesizer toolkit for all your musical works.

Repro New Wave

Video Contains a Portion of All the Sounds You Get In the Bank. Basic mix on demo tracks (EQ/Verb/Delay) no FX on individual sounds
00:00 In Context Demos
01:45 Individual Sounds



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Instant Download

U-He Repro 1/5 - New Wave + Synth Pop '89 [80 Presets]

The New Wave and Synth Pop '89 sound bank for the Repro 5 and Repro 1 synthesizers is a premier quality and highly unique collection of sounds for this dual synthesizer package in the styles and soundscapes of the classic 80s Synth Pop and New Wave genres.

This collection of 80 carefully assembled sounds is specially designed to infuse your tracks of any style with the specific feel and flavor of classic New Wave and Synth Pop records. These presets can be perfectly utilized in any genre, from Synthwave to any other retro-inspired or blended composition.

The sounds draw direct inspiration from iconic artists such as Duran Duran, A-Ha, Yazoo, as well as darker and more industrial acts like Depeche Mode and The Cure. This sound bank truly captures the authentic essence of this era and styles.


The 80 presets are split near evenly between the Repro 5 and Repro 1 synthesizers, with the intention to highlight the unique strengths and flavors of each instrument. With 42 sounds tailored for Repro 5, focusing on lush polyphonic sounds, and 38 sounds for Repro 1, showcasing fat basslines, cutting monophonic leads, and experimental tones. Each sound has unique modulation features, inspiring a dynamic and expressive performance for all your creative desires.

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